How to Turn a "Girl" Friend Into Your Girlfriend – Three Killer Methods You Can’t Afford to Miss

Let’s say you have a particular girl you fancy but she’s not treating you as a boyfriend. You know the feeling of frustration that comes with being able to spend time with a woman but not being able to express your feelings to her for fear of being laughed at. Women with guy friends are the same the world over. They treat their guy friends well, but they will never fall in love.

Turning a gal pal into a girlfriend is not impossible. You only need to play by your own rules and not by her rules. You see, women come up with rules because they want to stay in control of the situation. If you abide by her rules, you will not be able to escape the zone of platonic friendship at all.

If she things you don’t have what it takes to be her ‘boyfriend’, prove her wrong! Here are three ways to do that…

How To Turn a “Girl” Friend Into Your Girlfriend – Three Killer Methods You Can’t Afford To Miss

#1 – “I won’t wait with bated breath”. Tell her you won’t be there forever. If she doesn’t give her a chance, you’re leaving, regardless of the friendship you have with her. The thing is, gal pals think you’ll be there forever. If you make it clear that she will have to do something to keep you interested enough to stay longer, she will realize that she will need to work for your affection and not the other way around.

#2 – Get a life of your own. Put bluntly, do not build your life around a girl who could flake out on you anytime. Also, don’t build any more dreams with her in mind. The thing is, she might fall for other men. If you have been making plans alone, you will get hurt badly when she goes off with the first bad boy who steals her heart.

#3 – Use hypnosis. Who said you cannot hypnotize a gal pal? You can. At the end of the day, she’s still a woman, and you can use subtle seduction tricks on her. One hypnosis method, called fractionation, will work particularly well on gal pals who don’t see you as a potential lover.

This method involves making the woman go through an emotional rollercoaster, and in the same time make her feel deeply attached to you. As a result, her feelings will turn from platonic to sexual. When she gets too emotionally involved with you, she will often do everything that you ask her to. Fractionation is very effective, but at the same time too controversial.

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