How to Turn a Girl On – 3 Methods

All guys know that when it comes to intimacy with a female, the make it or break it question can be: How to turn a girl on? Even after you’ve met the right girl, say for the night, or for eternity, you still have to turn the heat up a major notch for there to be true passion, excitement, and unforgettable orgasms.

Here are 3 methods that can greatly have you going from a chill 60 degrees to a HOT 95 degrees in minutes, finally answering the question – how to turn a girl on!

1. The Prep Talk. Now I know this may be difficult for guys to get into, but when you realize how much pure heat you can create you’ll realize how to turn a girl on effectively. The prep talk should consist of brief mentions regarding something about the girl, say, the clothes or jewelry she’s wearing, how nice her hair looks, or even how cute her shoes are (many girls are shoe freaks and love it when someone makes mention of the shoes they wear). But just one or two things very briefly. Don’t go overboard and make it obvious. When you comment on one thing it tends to stand out. When you comment on her from head to toe it gets too obvious and even creepy.This is the prep, and it’ll make it a lot easier for the heat to get turned up later.

2. Hot Pillow Talking. Now this takes place during the beginning stages of intimacy. Not right away, but a few minutes in. This consists of brief whispers commenting for example on how pretty the girl is, but doing so in a more intimate and sensual manner, than the prep talk. Essentially it’s like taking the prep talk and pumping it with a mild steroid. Increasing the compliments slyly and slowly, again don’t over do it, just nice, soft, and easy. You’ll be amazed at how well this can work. They love to hear how pretty and beautiful you think they look. I know for a fact this is important as I’ve been flat out busted in the past when girls have actually told me, after the fact, how in the future it’d be real nice to hear these kind of things from me! So dudes, put the game face on, and let your emotional side come out in a complimentary, turned on manner!

3. Kiss her for christ’s sake! Man, if there’s ever been a k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid) answer as to how to turn a girl on, then this would be it! Girls absolutely love kisses, and it’s amazing how dudes will land half a dozen smackers then immediately start working their way south! Work on learing how to take your time kissing a woman. And I’m talking kissing not tongue groping all over (not yet at least!). Basically small kisses, around the face and then other specific spots on the body are what can really start kicking the thermostat into high gear. Then you can make your way south for some heavy orgasmic kissing (cunnilingus!).

Now, these are no ultra secret techniques, these are basics that are not hard to implement. Think of this as the basic groundwork that you need to cover before going deeper. Each one of these needs to be done right, and it’s definitely worth researching further the exact prep talk phrases to use, the best pillow talk to employ, and the right wa to kiss her “all over”, with special focus on learning awesome orgasmic cunnilingus technique!

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