How to Win a Girl’s Heart Over Another Guy – Beat Him to the Ground With These Tactics!

Every guy wants to know exactly what it is that makes a woman opt for one man over another. Read on to discover just how you can make her choose you over another man…

How to Win a Girl’s Heart Over Another Guy – Beat Him To The Ground With These Tactics!

Tactic #1: Create the “winner” perception. Never share any of your failures with a woman that you want to date, because women despise losers. The problem is that sharing your feelings only evokes feelings of sympathy for you, and that’s not the feeling that you’re going for.

Women are totally turned off by guys who appear weak, so you must project this inner confidence to get with the kind of woman you want. Thus, it’s vital to have a pleasing way about you and treat others with courtesy and respect.

Tactic #2: Be in control. If you want to create a lasting effect on a woman so she’ll have strong memories of you, you must always be in control of your interactions with her. Everyone knows that guys focus on the physical aspects of women when choosing who to pursue – but girls are seeking not just looks, but also a sense of emotion with a guy.

Tactic #3: Use hypnosis. This might come across as “underhanded” to some people, but there’s no denying of its powers. Using a hypnosis seduction tactic called fractionation, master seducers have been stealing girlfriends since 1986 when the tactic is first invented in the underground dating and seduction communities.

This technique involves making women go through an emotional “thrill ride”, and in the process gets them to be emotionally addicted to you. As a result, they will become obedient and will do anything you ask them to. Killer tactic indeed!

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