I Want a Girlfriend

After spending many nights alone watching movies alone or participating or attending various events that you realize that something is missing. Loneliness sets in and you say to yourself "this is for the birds, I want a girlfriend". So now it's time to make a couple of self improvements as needed and prepare to approach a lucky lady who will be the object of your affections.

First, let's cover some things that will help increase the odds of succeeding …

Take a look in the mirror and self analyze yourself. Are you well shaven? Need a haircut? How about your wardrobe? Take a glance over your shirts, pants, shoes, etc. Are they up to date and fashionable? You know what I'm getting at do not you? It's all relating to your appearance.

Women take notice of the smallest of details and guys who want to get noticed must have a decent look about themselves. As an old song once put it, every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man! If you need to update your wardrobe, do so and do it within the limits of your budget.

Keep in check of your hygiene. It's hard to imagine but there are still men that are living foul who are approaching women and getting turned down due to their funky ways. Bathe frequently, use your deodorant, keep your nails clean, etc. Wearing the same underwear everyday or not brushing your teeth will ensure that woman, man, child, beast, and insects stay far away from you …

These are just starters in the quest of finding a girlfriend. Other areas that need to be addressed include where to meet women, how to approach a woman, and the art of seduction. After learning all that's needed to step your game up, finding a girlfriend will easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

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