I Want to Get My Ex Back

I know I'm not the only one. Everyone has been through it. They think they have found the one, only to end up going through a breakup. And no matter how many I've gone through, they never get any easier. This time though, I think the relationship should be saved and I have a desire to get my ex back.

When we first started dating, everything was new and wonderful. We could do no wrong in each others eyes. Then we became comfortable and my little quirks began to bother him. This is when the trouble began. This tested the strength of our relationship and before long he wanted out of the relationship.

Now I know it was simply that I did not put the effort and work needed to make the relationship work. I want him back. The first thing I did was to tell him I was sorry. I did not blame him or myself for all the problems. I explained to him what I was apologizing for, knowing they were the right reasons for the breakup. I did not get defensive when he brought up another problem. I remained calm, keeping my pride and emotions in line.

I chose a time when we could both sit down and talk out our problems. I explained to him that I was not looking to bring blame into the conversation, I just wanted to talk openly and objectively about our issues.

After this, I gave him some space. I knew he needed time to cool down and think about all we talked about. And I hoped this would give him a chance to miss me too. I spent time with friends, going to movies and shopping instead of waiting by the phone for his calls. When he did call, I was not there. I called him the next day, letting him know I was busy. He realized I was not pining away for him and began pursuing me again.

With a little patience and confidence, I was able to get my ex back!

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