Ignore Your Girlfriend and Get Her Back – Why it Always Works

Men who have used this technique are amazed at how well it works. If you do it right, it will work for you too. Yes, just ignore your girlfriend and get her back. Of course, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. So be sure that you learn to do it the right way if you plan to follow this technique to get your girlfriend back.

The first step in the process as soon as she says that she wants to breakup, is to write her a hand-written note. It need not be very elaborate, but it needs to be handwritten. Just write saying that you agree to the breakup and you too think that a breakup is okay with you. You need to sound calm and collected in your words and not antagonistic or remorseful in any way. This first step alone is enough to throw your girlfriend off balance because this is not what she would have expected. Girls normally expect guys to beg and plead and come after them. The least they expect is the guy calmly agreeing for the breakup.

Once you post the letter, vanish from her life for about 2 to 3 weeks. Literally disappear from her life. She should not be able to see you, talk to you or even mail you. You simply don’t exist anymore. Now this could be too much for a girl to bear. This is again something that they are not used to. Guys usually take every opportunity to ‘accidentally’ bump into them. But here you are, totally absent from the scene. This would keep them thinking about you all day long and inquiring your friends about you.

In the meantime, work on yourself. Take time off to freshen up your mind, cultivate a positive attitude, and correct any flaws that you notice in your character. No matter how good a guy you are, there might still be a few things that might have contributed towards the breakup. Identify and rectify these mistakes in yourself.

Once you do these things over a period of three weeks, you will be a transformed person. The void that you had created in your girlfriend would have also changed her for the better. Now when you finally meet her for the first time after the breakup, things will be totally new and you will be on to a fresh start.

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