In Preparation for the Big Date

Great! She has accepted your invitation to a date. This is time for a little rejoicing, of course, but don’t take too long. After all, you need to prepare for the big day.

Does it require preparation? Can’t you just show up for the date at the appointed time? No, there is a bit more to it than that if you wish to make your day truly successful.

1. Don’t set the date for too far in advance.

When you set a date for weeks in advance, it will really test your patience! At first you will merely feel a normal excitement inside you as the days go by, but after awhile you may find you become more and more impatient. Setting a date for a few days or a week in advance is best.

2. Choose a less formal venue

Don’t choose a meeting place that is too stuffy for your first date. A fun, lighthearted café or a friendly neighborhood bar and grill will be less formal but more fun. Too much formality can just keep you from getting to know the other person.

3. Consider lunch time for the first time.

Consider an afternoon or lunch date. An evening date may seem more romantic, but perhaps also a little aggressive, and it will put more pressure on you. There can always be a romantic touch even though the sun is still out. Evening dates can always follow after the first date.

4. Concentrate on the important things of the date.

Too much concern about the venue, The clothes you wear, the food, and so on will just put unnecessary pressure on you. allow all these minor things to get magnified to too much importance, and you’ll get carried away and forget the real purpose of the date — to have that fun, meaningful connection with another person.

Be informal (not scruffy!)

Even though you choose a venue that is less formal, this does not mean it has to be a dump! Neither should you look unkempt or that you do not care about your appearance. You could always look attractive and well dressed even though not overdressed or overly formal.

The one essential for both men and women to make a date, or any relationship, successful is passion, or that certain zest for life. People who have passion and enthusiasm for the date are seen by the other partner as one who has passion in other areas of the relationship as well.

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