Is He Cheating If He’s Always Texting?

I often hear from women who can’t help but notice that their husband or boyfriend is constantly texting.  Many of them find this to be odd.  While it’s commonly seen as absolutely normal for a woman to regularly text her friends, coworkers and family, this can seem suspicious or odd if a man is always doing the same.  People often ask me if their man is constantly texting, does this mean he’s cheating too?  The answer to this question often depends on the context of the messaging and who the texts are going to.  I will discuss this in the following article.

Men Who Claim They’re Texting Male Friends:  Often, when these women ask their man who he’s texting, he’ll sometimes tell them he’s texting a buddy or a male coworker.  This can sometimes set off alarm bells because it’s sometimes considered odd or weird for men to text one another.  I’m not sure if this is accurate or what it says about our society, but the perception is that it’s not common.  While a man will often message female friends, family members, of his girlfriend or wife, (since the women will often initiate this at first) it’s less common for him to do the same with male friends.

I suppose it’s stereotypical to think that men don’t have the patience to sit there and type on small keys to communicate with a male friend.  But, it’s my observation that most will just pick up the phone and have a very brief conversation with another guy since men are more likely to prefer face to face communication with other men.

Men Who Are Texting Other Women: Does This Always Mean Cheating?: As unlikely as it may seem that your man is texting a male friend, many women tell me that they would much prefer this.  Because it’s very tempting to automatically suspect wrongdoing or cheating if a man is texting a woman who isn’t his wife or girlfriend.  Sure, he might be texting his sister or female cousin.  Or, a female coworker may have a quick question.

But this isn’t the situation that usually comes up.  More commonly, the woman asking these questions is noticing her husband and her boyfriend always texting.  In other words, he’s constantly typing away on his phone’s keyboard and he’s often laughing or physically moving away as he’s doing this.  It just seems suspicious and odd.

And many women know how animated their man gets when they are the one messaging him.  They know how he has a tenancy to want to send and receive flirty messages and photos.  And it’s not such a big jump to worry that he might be doing this with someone else, especially when you know that you’re not the recipient of the messages that are obviously happening a lot.

These are real concerns, but there’s not always a clear cut answer about whether the texting means cheating until you ask him about this or dig a little deeper if you don’t like his answer.  Men who are always texting are probably not always cheating.  (But some of them likely are.) The guy in question could be just one of the rare guys who prefers or tolerates text messaging.  Or, he may be talking to a family member or a male friend.

Or, he could be so animated because he’s having an inappropriate conversation or exchange with someone female who isn’t you.  People are most often caught cheating by their cell phones, If you suspect that something is wrong, your options are usually to ask him or to try to pay more attention and dig a little deeper before you make an accusation which may or  may not be founded.

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