Is it Possible For Someone to Fall in Love Without Ever Meeting Face to Face?

It can be quite amusing to laugh when you hear about someone falling in love with a person online that they have never met. At first the idea just seems absurd but can someone that has suck strong feelings validate wither or not it is possible to fall in love without meeting?

Now ordinarily I would be right there with you laughing at the idea of ​​someone falling in love without meeting face to face but I can empathize and understand how one could feel such a close connection.

When people meet online and begin a courtship there seems to be an immediate connection for some. Of course without tone of voice or detecting sarcasm, people can come off more polite then they would be I a face to face conversation. They will laugh at nearly everything you say with their shorthand typing of "lol" which means laughing out loud.

As an online connection develops the next step leads to phone conversations. When you have nothing but the phone as the main form of conversation you can develop a close bond. In today's world with so much technology such as text messaging, emails, photo messages and instant messaging; most people do not spend hours on the phone with romantic interests like they did in earlier times. This is because it's much easier to meet up for dinner or a movie or some other activity. But for people online, holding phone conversations is all they have to help them feel closer. They find they enjoy spending hours on the phone with the other person and these phone conversations can last hours. Hearing the voice of the other party helps reconnect the relationship even through distance or even time between phone conversations has lapsed. These phone conversations help to fuel the fire on a relationship because they feel they get to know someone's intellect before ever taking the relationship to a physical level.

Most people do not keep things just at the phone conversation level though. It can escalate to using the web cam to chat and see one another on the computer. It's still not meeting face to face but can feel pretty close to it.

Understanding the closeness and intimacy of the phone conversations and web cam conversations leads me to now believe it is possible for people to fall in love without ever meeting face to face. Of course the face to face confrontation will always be the deciding factor in whether or not the love is real enough to overcome any physical attractiveness or lack of.

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