Is My Girlfriend Lying to Me? – Telltale Signs She's Being Dishonest

Is my girlfriend lying to me is a question no man wants to be asking. Romantic relationships are challenging enough without having to worry about whether the woman you adore is being truthful with you. Most of us, both men and women, have an inner instinct when it comes to suspecting we're being told a lie. The problem lies in proving that the person we think is being untruthful really is lying. Obviously we all do not have lie detectors hidden in our pockets that we can pull out and use when we really want to know the truth. Fortunately, there's something almost as valuable. Learning how to tell if your woman is being honest is as simple as knowing a few telltale body language signs of a liar. If you see any of these in your girl, you've got a problem on your hands.

One sure sign that your girlfriend is lying to you can be found in the way she looks at you when you two are discussing the topic you believe she's being dishonest about. Liars have a few habits that they're not even aware of. Eye contact is critical to helping you determine whether she's being honest. Does she look directly into your eyes when you two are talking? Or do you notice her eyes jutting off to the sides? Liars have a very hard time maintaining eye contact for any length of time. Quite often, their eyes will wander around the room because they are trying to think of the next thing they need to say to keep the lie going.

Another way to tell if your girlfriend is trying to pull the wool over your eyes can be found in her voice. When a person is being dishonest they will tend to talk at a much faster pace than they generally would. If she seems to be hurrying the conversation along that could mean that she's uncomfortable talking about whatever you two are discussing at the moment. Many liars will also unconsciously change the pitch of their voice. When they're in the middle of telling a lie their voice will be at a slightly higher pitch than it normally is. Although these are subtle signs, they're very telling.

Also, pay special attention to the expressions she's making when she's talking to you. A lair will often forget to change their facial expression when they're in the middle of a lie. It takes effort to do this and most liars become lazy and do not do it. If she's telling you something that should make her very happy and she looks sad, that's a big indicator that what she's saying is not genuine. You need to watch this carefully as it's easy to miss.

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