Jealous of Ex-Girlfriend – When Your Boyfriend Is Friends With His Ex-Girlfriend

Do your ever hate it when your boyfriend is friends with his ex-girlfriend? Like how your boyfriend would make an effort to talk to his ex-girlfriend when seeing her at a party, and would even give her a peck on the cheeks upon seeing her? Do you ever create a mental picture of slapping them both, right in front of you? Don’t fret; being jealous of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is normal. You are not turning into a criminal for thousands of women suffer from this torture when their boyfriend is too friendly, even to their ex-girlfriends.

Being jealous of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is the most unpleasant feeling a person could have. There are even crimes of passion because of jealousy. Borne out of love, jealousy signifies two things; first is that you care deeply for your boyfriend and you don’t want to lose him, and second is that you are not secure in your relationship with him and you are having doubts about his love for you. Jealousy may be cute sometimes but if this becomes chronic, then this could cause doom in the relationship. There are ways though to circumvent jealousy, and here are some of them;

1. Be confident in yourself – your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend may have a better body than you, but there are many aspects where you are far better off than her, like you are a lot smarter and brighter. However, comparing your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and yourself is both childish and immature. Be confident in your own skin and don’t be harsh about criticizing your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Otherwise it would only show your insecurity which is not cool at all and a major turn-off. Don’t show him that you are jealous of his ex-girlfriend.

2. Past is past – you are with your boyfriend because he has decided that he likes you better than his ex-girlfriend. What happened between them is all water under the bridge, and accepting the fact that your boyfriend had other loves before you, like you do, would give you a deeper understanding of the situation. Past experiences led your boyfriend to you, and the past gave him lessons in love which he could apply to his present love. Getting jealous of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend will only bring back to him their memories.

3. Most of all, be thankful that your boyfriend chose to be with you now – your boyfriend chose to be with you because he sees something in you that he didn’t see with his ex-girlfriend. Otherwise, he can easily go back to his ex-girlfriend, right? But no, he wants to be with you because maybe you are more fun and easy to talk with, or maybe you make him feel very important. But whatever his reasons are, bottom line is, he chose to spend time with you than with his ex-girlfriend or other girls.

Showing you are jealous of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and constantly nagging him about her would be a cause of major turn-off. Show to your boyfriend that you trust him when it comes to his ex-girlfriend, and that you are not threatened at all because he is not giving you any reason to doubt his love to you.

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