Keep Him From Cheating – Meet His Needs

Do you want to have the power to keep him from cheating on you? Do you know how to meet his needs and keep his interest forever? Are you ready to stop feeling like your man might stray from you? Men cheat because they aren’t happy in the relationship. Something in their list of needs isn’t being met. However, if you know what his needs are and you are working to meet them then you can keep him from cheating on you.


While cheating isn’t always about sex, there are times when it is. Men need sex and it is an important part of a healthy relationship. However, as a woman it isn’t always easy to meet this need. There are things you can do that will help out a lot.

o Talk about it. Many couples avoid talking about sex and it does much more harm then good. You need to be open with him about your sexual needs and your sexual desires. However, you also need to make sure that the area is easy for him to be open too.

o Role play. By role playing you can act out desires or scenerios that turn each other on, but that you wouldn’t ever do. If uniforms turn you on then you can play cops and robbers, but with each other and in the safety of your relationship. This should work both ways.

o Dress up. Most men love dress up. Sexy clothes, undies when they get home, and so on. Have some fun with it.

o If sex is hard for you to want then just add some touching. This often turns a woman on and you may end up wanting it more than you ever did before.

o If sex is really hard for you then don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. There may be something that can help that will make a difference in your relationship.


We all need affirmation. This comes in several forms. You need to give him compliments. Let him know that you think he is a great man. Let him know that you think he is a great husband. You should also give him affirmation that you love him. Show him in little ways. Show him in big ways. Leave him notes and also give him surprises. This is an important part of a great relationship and will help keep him from cheating.


Many relationships lack support. You need to support him in what he is doing. Be there when things are hard for him, even if they are hard for you. Support him in his interests, even if you don’t understand them or don’t really like them. Support his other relationships, even if his friends drive you nuts. Support his dreams, even if you don’t see how they could possibly come true. All of these things are important.

You can have a great relationship and you can keep him from cheating on you. Do this by meeting his needs in the relationship. You should try to open up your sex life and get into it more. You should give him the affirmation that he needs as well as the support.

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