Let’s Just Be Friends Aka LJBF Phrase Meaning

We get this question a lot and even though guys are on the receiving end of this question more often than the women, it’s asked by both genders. This is a common question that stuns the individual.

What does “Let’s just be friends” really mean?

Generally speaking, it doesn’t mean:

“Let’s just be friends”

In reality, this phrase means:

“I want to keep you on the side, see if anyone is providing a better offer and if I get hurt I’ll come back to you temporarily. Oh and I’ll use you if ever I’m bored. Feel free to adjust your schedule around me but don’t expect me to return the favor in any way.”

Women have a habit of pulling this on guys more often, but it goes both ways. Your new “friend” might ask you to “hang out” if they’re bored and lonely. They may want to see a movie or go and grab a bite to eat. More often than not, they’ll expect you to pay for the meal or movie ticket. If ever the roles are reversed and you would like some company, they usually are nowhere to be found.

We could be friends

She just wants to be friends, give me a break. It isn’t completely impossible for an ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend) to be a friend but it’s very rare.

A lot of people fool themselves into thinking this person will eventually come back into their arms. If you believe this, you are living a lie that will make it incredibly difficult for you to move on. If you are clinging to your ex, you will never allow the emotions to die down and you’ll always find yourself wanting them. So many great people will pas you by and you won’t even notice them because of this illusion you have built for yourself.

Let’s just be friends counter-response

What do you say the next time you hear the phrase “Let’s just be friends”?


“Sure, will you hook me up with some of your single friends?”

If the answer is anything but yes, you’ll know that this person is not a real friend. A real friend is there when you need them, just like you’re there when they need you. To have a good friend you have to be a good friend. True friendship is not one-sided, it’s a balanced relationship. That’s what real friendship is about.

If the answer is anything but yes, simply reply:

“I know what it takes to be a good friend, clearly you do not. We can’t be friends”

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