Letter to Ex Girlfriend – What to Say If You Write a Letter to Her

Are you thinking about writing a letter to your ex girlfriend? Writing a letter is a tempting option because it feels a bit safer than contacting her by phone or in person.

Unfortunately, there is also more room for misinterpretation when she reads your letter, so it’s important for you to really get your point across clearly. You only have one chance to make the impression that you want to make.

And what exactly is that impression? I’m going to assume that if you’re thinking about contacting her then, on some level, you’re hoping to get back together with her. If that’s the case, here is how you should structure your letter so that you can get her back.

1. Start with a casual intro. Something that just says “Hey, what’s up.”

2. Mention the break up and how you’ve been missing her. You don’t have to get too heavy here. One of the best ways to do this is to tell a story about something that recently happened and how you wished she had been there, so that you two could laugh about it or so that you could have gotten her advice.

3. Recognize the problem with the relationship. You broke up for a reason. What was it? What was your role in it? Break ups are never completely one sided, so there was some part of it that was your fault. Tell her that you’ve had some new insight into the situation.

4. Apologize for your role in the break up. Everyone wants to hear an apology from the person that they think wronged them. This helps them to move on and be more forgiving. It’s important that once you recognize what the problem was, you apologize to her.

5. Talk about how you could address the problem, should she want to get back together. This shows that you are willing to work on your issues.

6. Ask for her to meet with you and to give you a second chance. At this point, you don’t want to push her too hard. Make it clear that this meeting seems light and non-threatening. Something short, with a definite ending.

7. Sign off with love. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and do it. Don’t say “Warmest Regards”, “Thank you”, or “To Your Success”. Those are all cheesy and will sound insincere in this particular situation. Go ahead and say “Love.”

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