Like a Girl? See How to Get a Girl Away From Her Clingy Friends! A Must Know For All Men Out There!

You might have fallen for a pretty woman and might want to date her, but if she is always surrounded by her friends then it might become a little difficult to pry her away. In such a case, you will need to temporarily separate your woman from her friends so that you can whisk her away on a romantic date. Use these 7 tips to get a woman away from her friends so as to date her.

1- If you bad-mouth her friends then your woman will only rally behind them and give you the boot. Hence, the first step should be to befriend her friends and win their trust.

2- You should make it a point to mingle equally with all her friends but pay special attention to her. Let her friends notice subtly that you are interested in her. Do not make any sudden move but instead move along with the flow.

3- Ask for help on any project or any work that your special woman might be well versed in. This will prove to be a legitimate excuse for both of you to remain together.

4- You should also keep in regular touch with your woman by phone, SMS and email. Let her know that you are definitely interested in her but do not want to take the place of her friends.

5- Next, take a few of her friends into confidence and inform them that you really like your dream woman and would appreciate it if they could arrange for both of them to go out alone on a date.

6- Since her friends would have anyway become close to you and might also want their friend to be happy, they will quickly arrange a date that could enable both of you to remain alone.

7- Hence, instead of trying to forcibly pry your woman from her friends, you could actually let her friends help you out and get them to help you in arranging a date. You can get to meet your woman alone without souring your friendship.

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