Love – What Happens When You Force a Relationship

Forcing a relationship is the most unnatural thing to do but you will be amaze to learn that people have been forced or pushed into relationships and even marriages without feeling love for that person. Yes, you know someone like that I bet. People have been the same through the year s; we are looking for someone special to meet and build a relationship that can lead to marriage.

But how do you force someone into a relationship or even marriage? By being impatient you can lead yourself to a relationship cause by feelings of lust, infatuation or admiration for the wrong reasons like that person being an actor, a writer, a football player or anything that person does for a living that our society thinks of highly.

What happens if the relationship goes further into marriage then that is when they start seeing problems that come out but neither can understand why one or other feel so resentful; even the person feeling resentment most of the time do not know why.

There are forceful people that have it in their character trait and there are docile people or followers that have it in their character trait and put these two together and you have an unbalance relationship. Can these relationship work? Yes, with lots of patience and understanding of what is going on. The one pushing has to have patience to let the other person come to their own decisions willingly and it works the other way around too.

The lack of patience can destroy a relationship in the long run. A couple needs to mature a relationship and to give it time to really know each other. Establish and know what makes each other happy or unhappy. If one feels under pressure to be in the relationship eventually in the future they will leave.

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