"My Best Friend's Wedding" And A Bittersweet Run Of The Mill Romance

Everywhere one looks it seems like romantic comedies are springing up all over the place. They are all manufactured much in the same way, and they all seem to be made basically the same. There are a few factors that separate each film such as the actors, locations, and costumes. Even though these statements may be true, audiences still fall in love with these films. Saps, the audience may be, but the fact is that everyone is looking for that perfect love and they can find it in a movie theater. While the film "My Best Friend's Wedding" is much the same as all the others, it holds something far beyond the usual joy and romance, it holds a strange twist on honesty and truth.

In "My Best Friend's Wedding," a food critic by the name of "Jules" (played by Julia Roberts) realizes that she is in love with her best friend of nine years. Luckily he has been in love with her for years. The only problem is that he is going to marry the other girl of his dreams. "Jules'" goal is to get enough confidence within to tell her friend that she is in love with him and stop the wedding in four days. It sounds much the same as any of the other far fetched romances, but what makes this film so special is in the details.

Julia Roberts plays "Jules," the food critic out to win her best friend "Michael's" love and to stop the wedding she knows is coming. In this one Roberts is a very private individual who does not like a lot of attention drawn to her. While her character is tomboyish in nature, she is not ruthless. What we find inside is a very kind and sweet person. Roberts is perfect for this. In her tender moments no one can get upset like Roberts can. She seems to push all the yearning and despair that she has in her bodies up to her eyes. Her vulnerability within her strength fine tunes the character wonderfully.

Cameron Diaz has always done well in the realm of romantic comedies. She can show a bright-eyed innocence that comes off entirely honest and not psychotic (there is a very fine line). In the movie Diaz plays "Kimmie" whose only goals are to make her groom to be "Michael" happy and to become "Jules" new best friend. As chaos ensues Diaz can bring "Kimmie" from exuberant to hurt in point one second flat, and in a way which the audience can not doubt. A scene that should be bookmarked is when she discovers "Jules" kissing "Michael," that look speaks a thousand words.

The locations were very precise and beautiful. The film goes everywhere from a rehearsal dinner at an immense New England Manor to an exciting and vibrant karaoke bar. Every location enriches the scene and provides more dramatic effect. It definitely pays off to book large locations in these movies. Also, who ever decided to put the dancing scene between "Jules" and "Michael" on a ferry ride deserves a bonus.

All the characters fit their costumes extremely well. Costumes are very important in these films because they are a reflection on the how the character feels about themselves, not only that but it gives us something to look at. By putting "Jules" in suits of subdued colors, we know almost immediately that she is more of a masculine figure that does not like to draw attention to her. In contrast we know that "Kimmie" is the feminine bubbly type by all her bright colors and her preppy style. We can tell she is very well to do. A comment has to be made on that lavender dress that "Jules" wears in the ceremony. It was one of the most flattering dresses on Roberts that has ever been seen.

Whether or not someone loves you back is irrelevant in true love. Everything "Jules" does in this movie is strictly for the love of "Michael." In the end it is not about who the person you love is going to choose, but whether or not you can love them enough to help them and support them. "Jules" was willing to and, therefore; we validate that she loves "Michael" immensely.

While others would claim that "My Best Friend's Wedding's" ending had much to be desired, other more open audiences would say that the ending just puts the icing on the cake (icing that is honest and bittersweet of course). What ever one believes in that direction, the audience can all agree that what's relevant are the feelings it gives us. It gives us love, happiness, contentment, and finally understanding. What "My Best Friend's Wedding" offers us that other romantic films do not is superb acting and bittersweet sentimentality.

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