My Boyfriend is With Another Girl – I Want to Win My Ex Boyfriend Back

A break up is devastating enough but if your boyfriend not only broke up with you but is with another girl and you want to get your ex boyfriend back you are in a very hurtful place right now. You need to think straight before you decide to try and get your boyfriend back from the girl he is with now.

First ask yourself if you and your ex boyfriend should really be together or you just want him back so you can get him away from the other girl? If you and your ex boyfriend are really meant to be together you will be. That girl will not keep him from you. And, remember 95% of rebound relationships fail anyway. So if you want to win back your ex boyfriend you are going to have to play it smart. And, you're smarter than that other girl anyway. Right?

First be prepared because if the other girl senses in any way that you intend to steal her guy back then she is going to get nasty so that she can keep him away from you. In order to make yourself look better than her you are going to have to be very, very mature and act like more of a real woman than she is.

So if your first thought is to fight for your boyfriend, think again. Be bigger than that and keep control of your emotions. If you make yourself look better than her it will make your ex realize that you are the better choice between his new girl and you.

If for any reason you find out that she is treating your ex badly then talk to your ex boyfriend's friends … because they have probably noticed that too. To tell the truth using your ex boyfriend's friends is one of the best ways to win back your ex. Because they are with him more than you and they are more objective when it comes to seeing that you are a better choice for your ex.

If you are able to show his friends that you are the better choice, the pressure from his friends may be enough to help end his relationship with the other girl. So, be a sleuth … a detective find out what is going on with his new relationship and subtly let his friends know what is going on with the new relationship that is not good. In other words let his friends do the work for you and that way if the new girlfriend suspects you are up to something she will look crazy because you have not done anything … his friends have.

The trick to winning back your ex boyfriend is to have other people looking at you as the "nice guy" …. the one they like better. Their relationship will fall apart eventually and your ex will only have good thoughts about you. That will make it easier for you to win back your ex.

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