My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me – Can I Get Her Back?

There is nothing more hurtful when your ex girlfriend decides to ignore you after a break up. You can be left wondering what you did wrong and feel extremely helpless, especially if you want to win her back. Never fear however, nothing is as it seems, just because she is ignoring you right now, it does not mean that she does not care or hates you. This article will give you a little insight into the female mind and discuss some of the reasons why she might be ignoring you as well as show you how to deal with it and get her back again.

She is ignoring you because she is hurt

Sometimes girls do not know how to handle a break up, especially if they have been dumped. Break up is a very confusing time for both parties and there is not one set of behavioural patterns for all people. We all react differently, so you have to make allowances for that.

So what if she dumped you and she is ignoring you? It doesn’t mean that she still isn’t hurting. She could very well miss you in her life and this is the only way that she knows how to deal with the situation. She is probably worried that if she starts to talk to you again, her feelings for you will rise to the surface and she will be even more confused. By keeping her distance from you this means that she can get over you a lot quicker.

If you dumped her it is understandable that she does not want to speak to you and she is ignoring your texts or messages. She needs time to adjust to single life again and come to terms with the break up. When you are calling her and wanting to communicate she will be finding it confusing and emotional. Her only way of coping is to block you out and hope that these feelings will go away.

She is ignoring you to punish you

A little secret about girls here that you may not have already known: Girls can be very vindictive and spiteful, especially when they are wronged. If you dumped her she will be feeling lots of negative emotions, and one of them is anger. When you hurt her you made her upset and angry, it is normal. It is also human nature, especially in girls, to exact punishment and make you suffer.

If she is angry with you then there is a very good chance that she as strong feelings for you, because she would be calm and nonchalant about the break up if it did not really bother her. This means that you can still get her back, easily in fact. You just have to handle the situation very carefully and make her forgive you for breaking her heart. Look out for these signs of anger and her trying to make you jealous. It is a strong indication that she is not over you.

She is ignoring you because of your behaviour

No one likes to hear that they have become a stalker, but it is surprising how crazily we act when we have just been dumped. If you are texting her, following her or trying to communicate with her constantly, this will be frightening her. Therefore she will try to ignore you in the hope that you will leave her alone.

Please be aware that this kind of behaviour will do you no good at all and make her all the more certain that breaking up with you was a good idea. What you want to do instead is to take a step back and give her some space. Let her ignore you, and you do the same by ignoring her too. She will suddenly start to wonder where you have gone and miss the attention. This push and pull strategy is very effective as it will make her reconsider how important you are in her life and she will then start making an effort to contact you again. It is a very subtle trick, but works wonders!

Now you have a few possible reasons why your ex girlfriend is ignoring you after the breakup and a couple of things that you can implement to turn the whole situation around and make her want you back. This is only the beginning however, there is so much more that you need to understand about women and how they think after a break up. You will then use this knowledge to your advantage in getting her back. Listen to what the experts have to say and be surprised about how easy it actually is to win back her love.

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