My Girlfriend Does not Like My Penis

Every woman has an idea in their mind of the perfect penis. Most men will never live up to this expectation, but women are not usually so picky as to make it known that their partner does not have the perfect penis. This article will address some of the problems women have with a mans penis, and what he can do about it.

Firstly, as many women say, it's not about the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean. But what if you're not her ideal size and you also have no idea how to use what you've got? Well that's simple, learn! There are hundreds of sites on the internet that can teach you various sex positions that will make your girlfriend like your penis more. The most important part about love making is ensuring that your partner is enjoying it as much as (or more than) yourself. Find the parts on her body where she enjoys being touched and kissed. Take time to explore new things with her, make her comfortable and help her to feel good. Focussing on her pleasure and not your own will not only improve her satisfaction with your penis, it will also help you to last longer in bed.

If your girlfriend complains that you're too big or thick, it's not the end of the world, there are tips for you too. First of all, the longer you take with foreplay, the easier it is for penetration. Take the time to ensure she is comfortable and ready for vaginal sex before you penetrate, the thicker you are the more time this will take. Be sure to use a lot of lubricant, water based lubes are the best option if you are using a condom. The thicker you are, the more lubrication required. Finally, when you have penetrated, make sure you take it slow at first. The vagina will slowly become accustomed to your size without causing her any pain, so give her some time to adjust.

Possibly the most popular complaint amongst men is that they believe their girlfriend is not satisfied with the length of their penis, they want it to be longer. Again, it's not the size of the penis that matters, it is how you use it. So do some research online to discover some new sex techniques that will make your girlfriend love the size you have now. But for those men who are not satisfied with the size they have been blessed with, there are options to make the penis bigger. There are various stretches that can be performed by hand that will slowly increase the erect and flaccid length and girth of every mans penis, no matter what his starting size. But most men have found faster gains by using a penis extender. Not be ripped Do off by vBulletin® the online companies charging $ 400-500, the if you do some hunting you will the find some great cheap penis extenders .

There's no point having a big penis unless you know how to use it, so it is still advised that you do some experimentation to find out what exactly makes your girlfriend happy.

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