My Girlfriend Says She Needs Space – What Should I Do?

My girlfriend says she needs some space, what does it means? Is she breaking up with me? When your girlfriend says she needs space, it does not necessarily means that she wants to leave you.

Many relationships go through a period of time where one of the partners need a break to be apart for a while. Even though inside your heart, you are very unwillingly to let her go, you should not let her see or feel your emotional reactions. The problem is if you start to cry or beg her for not leaving you, this is going to let her feel that you are being too desperate and it will help her to determine more on leaving you.

Remember, everyone have the rights to own their freedom and space. If your presence is making her life a drastic change and when she cannot adapt to the changes, she may just run away from you. So, you have to make sure that when your girlfriend is with you, she is still within her own comfort zone and this will show that you still respect her, rather than giving her that kind of suffocated feeling.

Re-evaluate the way you treat her and also your way of dealing problems. When your girlfriend says she needs space, it is obvious that she is bothering with something in the relationship and probably you have overlooked it previously. Think back if you have been overly controlled in her life. Did you take her advice seriously and did you always help her to decide everything or maybe you have been doing something that she hates? Find out and understand the problems. It is only when you are able to identify it clearly, you can understand what she needs.

Most importantly, there are many ways to save your relationship. Your effort put in can help to win her heart back.

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