My Girlfriend Wants a Break – Here’s How to Handle It

“I think we should take a break…”

Those words hit hard, especially if they come from out of nowhere. Some guys get comfortable in their relationship to the point of not even knowing when their girlfriends are dissatisified, and these words hit them like a ton of bricks. If you were blindsided by the “break” speech, you probably don’t know what to do. Below you’ll find some help on this situation.

A break can easily become a breakup. We all know this. However, there’s also some good news that comes with your girlfriend asking to take a break from your relationship. First off, she’s not sure she wants to be without you. If she did, she would’ve broken completely up and not tried this half-hearted attempt at going your separate ways. Any girl who asks to take a break from dating you is after one of two things. The first one is the more common one, and the second is the more sinister.

The good majority of women asking to take a break from seeing you want one thing: to jar you into realizing them mean business. They’re obviously unhappy with the way things are going, and they want things to change. In order to accomplish this, they’re trying to use scare tactics. They figure that hearing those words will make you come around, finally acting like the boyfriend they really want you to be. These women aren’t looking to really break up – on the contrary, they’re actually more interested in staying together. They’re just trying to scare you into changing the dynamic of the relationship.

What these girls want is for you to do one simple thing: talk them out of the break. They’d love you to beg and plead, tell them you love them, promise to change for them, and ask for another chance. Reluctantly they’ll say “Well… alright”, and suddenly they look like a hero because they took you back. And from that moment on you’ve got to cater to them… because you just promised them the world.

Instead of doing that, you need to call your girlfriend’s bluff. When she asks for a break, don’t fight her on it. Imagine her shock and surprise when you say “Yeah, you’re probably right… we could definitely use some time apart”. Suddenly her plan has backfired – instead of shaping up, you’re shipping out. You’ve just called her bluff, and she’s going to lose you unless she does something fast. At this point, almost every single girl is going to backpedal. She’ll withdraw her request, and instead, begin interrogating you as to why you think you need some time apart. How long have you felt this way? Do you really want to be without her? After all, don’t you love her? You can take over from there.

If your girlfriend wants a break, calling her bluff will stop it in it’s tracks. It’s the opposite of what she expects you to do, and she won’t be ready for it. It’ll also keep your relationship together, and the two of you can then discuss why she feels the need to take some time off. Maybe you haven’t been attentive enough, or maybe you’ve taken each other for granted. Work on trying to fix your romance through a positive, constructive talk in which no one places blame on the other person.

Now, if your girl really does want a break, it could be because she’s got other plans. Maybe she wants to see someone else, placing your relationship on the back burner in case this new guy doesn’t work out. It’s also possible that she wants to see what else is out there, meaning she might not have another guy in mind just yet but still wants to know if there are better fish in the sea. Letting your girlfriend take such a break could cost you your relationship. Calling her bluff may or may not work in such a case, but there are subtle ways of finding out.

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