Nokia X3 Slider Cell Phone

The Nokia X3 Slider Cellular Phone will not simply give you the fantastic quality in cellular phone know-how and engineering that you've come to count on from Nokia; You'll find it also delivers you a powerful music experience in addition to a variety of different hip attributes including a 3.5 megapixel camera with lengthened depth of field.

This elegant cell phone incorporates a smart recessed display screen (that helps to counteract scratching) and it's found in 5 radiant colors including blue. The buttons are a great size and present a good feed-back for straightforward texting.

Moreover, without the need of headsets it will be possible to experience audio (even the radio!). Its symmetrical stereo loudspeakers can present you with high volume as well as vibrant sound. Specialized control keys on the Navi ring offer you immediate access to your tunes along with the radio, plus the cellphone can supply you with up to 24 hours of audio playback. A 3.5mm jack will let you hook up your own pick of headsets or compact loudspeakers.


End users believe that this cell phone is a wonderful option for people that desire a music phone and highlight that the Micro-SD slot may be enhanced to 16GB.
Quite a few owners claim that the quality of sound is exceptional, while one particular purchaser asserted how you may leave your MP3 player at home when you finally decide to buy this phone. It was noted that while you are playing music with no headphones it sounds excellent as well as loud and also on the left area of ​​the display screen its got specialist audio control buttons making managing your songs a piece of cake.

Numerous users point out that the battery life is seriously expanding which happens to be in line with Nokia's track record in connection with this.


Some customers point out that they have a complication shown by a pulsating white screen (apparently that is not unheard of in Nokias). Various other owners experienced trouble taking off the rear cover (it's not necessarily dealable with the owner handbook). Additional cited issues include the cellphone turning off randomly; The device not sending one's voice whenever on a phonecall; A number of failures of phones to turn on, as well as, the audio player missing. The software package in the cellphone has also been criticized; Being termed as archaic and sluggish.

One or two buyers point out that setting up an unlocked cell phone to utilize the Internet generally is a difficult task, and also because it is not a 3G cellphone, working with EDGE for online surfing is something on the slow side.

One more negative aspect could possibly be the camera. One particular operator deemed it to be basically of no use in poor light conditions while during average light there may be yet plenty of image interference (you may get away with it somehow because of it being 3.5 Megapixels theseby generally offering up high resolution). However it typically takes a good number of seconds for the 3.5 megapixel camera to develop images.

In essence, you should prefer a great looking, compact, sturdy, and practical phone, along with excellent battery life along with music functionality then you certainly just can not get it wrong choosing this particular Nokia. If you need an item even more functional along with full-blown 3G, in that case go shopping for something different.

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