Online Dating – When to Propose That First Meeting

In today’s internet savvy world, internet dating has become a popular tool to find a partner. Web dating does not involve meeting someone in person at the first stage in order to know each other. However, an in-person meeting becomes necessary at some stage just like any type of relationship – when to propose that first meeting is a very important question that every online dater asks oneself.

People who are shy by nature may feel uncomfortable to walk up to a person with whom they would like to date and start communication, but with online dating they can easily use chat rooms and other services to know the person with whom they are dating through chatting and email communications and can even propose to meet to find out more abut each other. Finding the right time during a online relationship when to propose that first meeting is very crucial and important.

In internet dating, the right time to meet depends largely upon the state of mind and readiness of both the persons involved. It is desirable that both the partners know each other before proposing to meet in person. You may come across many people in online chats, and it is only after you exchange certain communications in the form of emails and chats that you can know about each other and judge whether you can be compatible with the other person or not. So before meeting in person, you should wait to know enough about each other but should also keep in mind that if you wait too long then you may lose the relationship as the other person may move on.

If someone whom you have met online is interested in meeting in person right away, it is better to exercise some caution as that person may not be interested in long relationship but may be looking for someone one-night stand type of affair. So judge your speed cautiously and take steps accordingly.

It is also important that you should not excessively delay the meeting and should meet once you know some details about each other’s interests and hobbies because if you already know all the details about each other, there will be no fun left in the first physical date. So the first face to face meet should be proposed well before a situation when nothing is left to be exchanged between the two partners to keep excitement alive.

When your topics of discussion cross general topics of families and friends and enter romantic or sexual erotic topics then the time is ripe for meeting the online dating partner. This may be the correct time to propose that first meeting.

For achieving a satisfactory outcome and a long lasting relationship in online dating, it is important to come out of the chat rooms and meet the person outside internet at the right time. In online dating when to propose that first meeting is very important for both the partners and one should not miss the first right opportunity for the same. Basically go with your gut feeling; too soon can be a mistake as well as waiting too long.

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