Over 50s Singles Dating – The Big Difference

The over 50 dating world is a little different that the under 21 dating world. And that is a good thing to know. Its not that all the rules for dating and common courtesy are changed but the life situations of people who are seniors interested in dating other baby boomers are different than the lives of teenagers and young adults.

The most important aspect of finding a good relationship on the internet is that same as it is in the offline world. And that most important idea is good communication.

What is different about the online world is that the method you use to communicate is different. This can make for a lot of difficulties for someone is not used to this difference and has expectations based on the way they used to communicate.

All that sounds so dry and boring, but the truth is that at first your communication in an online dating site depends up on your writing skill, not in your ability to carry on a regular conversation.

If you are used to carrying on chats on the internet then “talking” with someone through a senior dating site is going to be easier for you. But if you have not done this before, it is definitely a different way to chat with someone.

The biggest thing about writing instead of talking is that emotion does not carry through well in the written word unless you are very careful about how you write. There are of course plenty of emotional words you can use, but when you are carrying on a written chat you don’t have that amount of time to think of those words and then use them when you are writing.

The speed at which the communication goes back and forth between the two of you is often much slower than if you were talking face to face. A gesture, a touch on the shoulder, a facial expression can communicate the same thought that 13 pages of written text would still not do justice to.

This is a huge difference in communicating online through a dating site. And this is also a way that people use to screen who and who they do not want to chat with. Your ability to find a good dating partner online depends almost entirely on your ability to use the written word to express your thoughts and feelings.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid dating sites because of this, it just means that its time to sharpen up your writing skills.

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