Playing Hard To Get Or Ditching You Hard?

You knew this lovely lady through a mobile dating network and you spent a lot of time doing mobile chat with her. She's lovely, she's cute and you just can not wait to meet her. You released this dreaded question 'Let's meet for a date' and she agreed. With an eruption of happiness you met this girl and exchanged phone numbers on the date.

You waited impatiently for a few days before you gave her a call. Your confidence level went down like flushed water when you found out that you were greeted with her answering machine for third times in a row. Your best friend told you that girl always plays hard to get and he encouraged you to keep trying. While many girls do play hard to get, it's time that you learn the difference between playing hard to get and ditching you hard.

The easiest way to differentiate between playing hard to get and ditching you hard is by observing her attempts to contact you. A girl can play hard to get but she can not play that game alone! Do not try to contact her excessively, just live your life as if you never knew her. When she finds out that you are not in the game anymore she will stop playing and tries to contact you. If she does not, then that's a sign that she's not playing hard to get. In a nutshell, always leave an impression that your world still goes round even if she's not around. A girl who's playing hard to get is bound to quit playing once she notices that you are not in the game anymore. A girl who is not interested with you will not bother about contacting you at all.

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