Powerful Seduction Secrets: Approaching Women Made EASY

If you just walked up to an attractive girl you’ve never met

before (known as a cold approach) and started to talk to

her, there is a good chance that you would be viewed with

some suspicion, even if she does find you attractive. The

situation is even more of a problem for you if you approach

girls who are together in a group. This feeling of suspicion

that girls get when they are approached by a strange guy is

completely natural, it’s just human nature to get a little

bit nervous whenever someone we’ve never met before comes to

“invade our personal space.”

Now, obviously if you want to become good at approaching and

seducing women, you’re going to need a system, a technique

to overcome this problem so that any girl you approach will

feel completely comfortable with you within the first few

minutes of talking to her. And once you know the secret to

doing this, you will never have a problem approaching any

woman, anytime, anywhere, in absolutely any social situation

you happen to meet the woman. You will become a “socially

successful” guy with the rare skill of seducing any woman.

So how can you pull off this impressive feat with women?

What is the secret technique to make women immediately relax

when you approach them? Well, you do this by using a very

simple psychological technique which I call the “Limited

Time” strategy. Basically, what this means is: You have to

tell the girl or girls you’re approaching the reason why

you’re approaching them and that what you’re about to say

won’t take more than a couple of minutes, because you have

to get back to your friends, or back to work, or whatever

you were doing before you came to talk to them.

Let’s break down this technique. You’ll see that it has 3

main parts to it.

1) A REASON for coming up to talk to them (just ask them a

quick question on anything you like, it can be to ask them

for directions, their opinion on a gift you’re thinking of

buying for your little sister and you want a female opinion,

anything like that) and

2) That you won’t take up more than a couple minutes of

their time, and

3) That you were BUSY DOING SOMETHING before you came to

talk to them and that you have to get back to whatever you

were doing so YOUR time is “precious” too.

That is basically the formula of the Limited Time technique.

You see, all those 3 elements will demonstrate to any girl

you approach that you’re not some weird creepy guy or you’re

not just a “player” who makes a habit of approaching

attractive girls every day. Of course, the irony is that you

can use this technique to successfully approach 1,000 women

every day, but each time, you’ll come across in the best

light. You’ll be seen as a socially confident, interesting

guy WHO HAS A LIFE! And women are deeply attracted to

socially confident guys.

If the girl turns out to be very friendly and starts to chat

with you, then you can prolong your interaction, and maybe

get her phone number before you leave so you can hook up

with her later. Even if all she does is to only answer your

question but doesn’t keep chatting with you, then at least

you can simply thank her for her help and say good-bye. The

main advantage of the Limited Time technique is that it will

give you the confidence to approach any girl you find

attractive, anytime, anywhere, knowing that you won’t get

rejected like 99% of guys who approach with normal “pick-up”


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