Relationship Dating – Can Online Dating Really Work?

The simple answers is …. yes! Whether you want to believe it or not, it's a fact: girls are just not attracted to what most guys think they are. That's why it's so hard having consistent success with meeting women (either in person or online).

When asked what type of online approaches they thought girls are attracted to, 85% of guys answered almost the same exact things. And EVERY girl surveyed said that not only were they NOT attracted to what the guys responded, but they considered them to be Turnoffs! This has been caused by a lifetime of being "brainwashed" by television, books, and movies that have made guys think that the only way to attract a woman is to tell her what she wants to hear, compliment her, and agree with everything she says and wants. Most guys do this so routinely, that they do not even realize they're doing it. For example:

Have you ever started an online conversation by telling a girl that she "seems like a lot of fun?" Or, how about by telling her "Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous." Have you ever sent a girl a message saying "we should chat"? How about starting off by telling her "You have really cute pics" or "I like your pics" or some other variation of that?

If you have, you have very little chance of getting a response from the girl you're trying to chat with. Post why? Because no matter how original you think you're being, she has heard this all THOUSANDS of times before, and most girls CRINGE at these types of approaches. It screams "ordinary, boring, predictable, and JUST LIKE THE OTHER THOUSAND guys that have hit on me before!"

If you do not know how to "approach" a girl correctly, it is very likely that she'll NEVER respond to that first message. The truth of the matter is that girls are being hit on CONSTANTLY by men, and it is the same thing over and over. No matter how original these guys think they're being, they are just like every other guy that has come before him. When you approach, and she either ignores you or declines your offer, you're left feeling that either A). She's a snob or B). You're somehow not good enough for her. But trust me, neither is the case! You're just going about it the wrong way!

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