Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Tool Busts Cheating Wife

It was a call I simply didn’t want to receive. One of my friends rang me up and sounded very tired, depressed and down in the dumps. I asked him what was on his mind and he said “I think she’s cheating on me”. The first thing that went through my mind was “oh man, how the heck am I supposed to fix this for him” and I dreaded he wouldn’t ask me to do any sneaking or dirty work for him.

Well, as luck would have it…he DID ask me. See we live close together and he wanted me to play private detective and keep a watchful eye on his house to see if any strange vehicles were going to or from his former house. My brow started to sweat, my heart raced and I needed to think of something fast. I didn’t want to let a buddy down, but I didn’t want to be caught in the middle of a potentially messy relationship either.

As the phone line sat silent for what seemed to be hours, I scrambled for the words to say that would help him find out the truth without causing me a bunch of grief. His voice broke the silence when he asked “are you still there man?” I replied and said I was still on the line and I asked him “do you know what a reverse cell phone number look up tool is?

He told me he knew about a reverse telephone phone number search but he wasn’t aware that a reverse cell phone number look up could be done. I was sort of relieved but it was far from over. I still had to convince him to try this out as people are sometimes skeptical of new things. I knew it would work because I’d used a reverse cell look up many times in the past.

He told me he’d try anything because he just HAD to know the truth. I told him to remain nice, polite and friendly with his lady for the time being. The whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing was in full effect here.

The idea was that he’d have to stay friendly to keep her happy so she’d allow him to come over to the house and talk. The idea was that if she WAS cheating on him, her new man would have been contacting her while my buddy was still living there and we were going to use a little ninja spy tool to find out the truth.

Once inside the house, he’d have to get hold of her cell phone and the caller i.d. list. My thought was that the other guy might be smart enough to avoid calling her on the telephone because her husband might answer. Sometimes people think they are really smart when they are actually making big mistakes and begging to be caught. If the other guy fell into that category, he’d likely use a cell phone. It used to be that you couldn’t do a reverse phone number search on a cell phone but that has all changed.

This is a true story so I won’t get into any more personal details, but let’s just say he DID get into the house and he DID get hold of a number that he didn’t recognize. He DID do a reverse cell phone look up on it and the truth was finally revealed.

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