Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend If She Hasn’t Called Me?

You got dumped! Hey, it happens. Every guy goes through an unwanted break up at one time or another, and most of them will make some attempt to get their girlfriends back. Right about now you’re probably wondering what to do next. You’re asking questions like “What went wrong?” and “Should I call my ex girlfriend if she hasn’t called me?” But in reality, those are questions you should put away for now… because there are many other ways you can get your ex to want you back way before that first phone call.

Understanding Why She Dumped You

First, understand that your now ex girlfriend broke up with you for a specific reason (or reasons). Unless you’re completely clueless, you should have some idea of why she was unhappy. Taking a step back and examining the end of your relationship with an honest eye can go a long way toward getting your ex back. If your ex girlfriend hasn’t called you, it’s because she’s probably still angry about certain issues… learn what those issues are, and try to correct them before making a single move in her direction.

Giving Your Ex Girlfriend Time To Miss You

No break up can be fixed overnight. With this in mind, trying too hard and trying too soon will destroy your chances of getting your ex back. Why? Because your girlfriend can’t respect you if you’re chasing after her, monitoring her every move, and showing up at places you know her to be. If you’re reading this, you’re already asking should I call my ex girlfriend if I want her back… that’s not something you should be considering right now. Space is important here, and your ex needs lots of it. Try not to think of this period as a time where your exgirlfriend will be running around dating other guys – instead, think of it as a chance for her to start missing having you around. By you NOT being there for your ex, she’s going to think about you ten times more than if you’re in her face all the time.

Doing Your Own Thing

Remember when your girlfriend first fell in love with you? Chances are you were cocky, confident, active, and happy. Right now, you’re probably none of those things. So why would your ex ever want you back? The answer is simple: she wouldn’t. As long as you’re depressed, hopeless, and feeling sorry for yourself, you’re only making yourself look more and more pathetic in your ex girlfriend’s eyes. Pity is not attractive. Break out of any such feelings and start going out. Grab some friends, do some stuff, and above all… have fun! When your ex start seeing that your life goes on without her, she’ll actually start worrying about whether or not she can get you back. This is a giant step in the right direction.

Getting your girlfriend to want you back is a thousand times more important than you wanting her back. Instead of sitting around asking yourself should I call my ex girlfriend because she hasn’t called me, you should be working on ways to get her interested in you again. There are several fantastic re-insertion techniques you can use to put yourself right back on her mind again. These methods are designed to draw out her old feelings and emotions for you, and to enhance them once again. Learning these techniques can be the difference between getting back together with your ex or losing her interest completely.

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