Should You Date Women With No Women Friends?

Women like usually have a lot of friends around them because it makes them feel socially accepted. Often times the majority of their friends will be females. It’s on rare occasion you’ll come across the woman who has absolutely no female friends so to speak. What do you make of a woman who has no female friends? Well it doesn’t have to mean anything depending on how you look at it. Maybe, just maybe, the woman in question you’re trying to date simply doesn’t enjoy the company of other females; if this is the case then there’s no reason to make more of it than that.

There is also the occasion that the woman who has no female friends doesn’t have any female friends for a reason. And the reason usually isn’t good. Understand that as a man it is very important that you are able to see the female friends of the woman you plan to date. By observing her friends you’ll be able to give more of a feel of what her personal character is like. Often times the woman that you are trying to date will not be completely authentic with you. She’ll hold back little snippets of her personal character and she’ll slowly let it out more and more as the relationship progresses. This is where things usually end up going south.

Look at the woman closely you’re dating who has no female friends. Does she exhibit certain behavior that would make other women not want to be friends with her? Does she come off as being conceited, arrogant, or having a snotty attitude altogether? If she exhibits any of these characteristics than it is with good reason she doesn’t have any female friends. Of course there is always the possibility that she doesn’t get along with other females because she is always trying to compete for the attention of men in their presence, even when the man in question is already taken by one of the girls in the group.

Women who don’t get along with other girls may seem like a good thing at first, but you will soon realize that it’s all going to come down on you later in the relationship. A woman needs an emotional outlet, someone to talk to about all of her problems, if she has no female friends to call on the phone and jitter chatter with on a frequent basis, than she is going to want to talk to you all the time about all the little things that you just don’t want to hear about. This could end up being a real emotional drain on you. No matter how close a man and a woman might be there are just certain things that a woman will never feel comfortable telling a man. It’s very important for a woman to have female friends that she can vent to.

Of course there is always the possibility that the woman you’re dating has predominantly male friends, if this is the case this is going to definitely raise red flags. Most guys don’t want to date a girl that has a lot of male friends. So in the end is it okay to date a girl with no female friends? I would have to say it depends on the woman. Make sure that you watch how she acts around other people very closely. If she has good mannerisms and treats other people kindly and with respect then there’s no reason to fear, you can date her with confidence.

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