Simple Way to Get Confidence That Always Gets a Girlfriend

When a girl sees you, if you feel fully confident, you've got three times the chance of getting a date.

Confidence is always attractive.

Here's a sure-fire way of getting this confidence easily.

Confidence is just simply realizing your self-worth. Here's an exercise that really works.

Get a piece of paper and draw two columns.

Write 'Good Points' at the top of the left-hand column.

At the top of the right-hand column write 'This Helps'.

Write I want you to think of at least 10 positive things about yourself and write them in the left-hand column.

This can be anything. Maybe skills or knowledge you have which you do not use any more. Think of anything at all. But they must be true things.

If you have trouble ask your friends.

The simple exercise of you writing this down and reading it magically makes you start feeling better about yourself.

Next, in the right-hand column, write how each thing in the left column would help you get a girl-friend. This makes you suddenly realize you really do have a lot to offer.

For example …

Say you put that you are a good cook. In the right-hand column you could write 'I could cook a nice meal for her on a date. She'll see me as potential partner material, that is, handy in the kitchen.

What if you've written you're good as making up short stories. The right column could mention that everyone is entranced with stories. So you would be great for her to talk to.

Try this exercise and you'll be amazed at the results.

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