Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Brand

Ever since Beyonce and Jay-Z came out with the song "Upgrade Ya" it's hard to hear the word upgrade without singing it. The lyrics talk about the couple's partnership and how they take each experience to a new level. One of the lines in the song is "This is high level not eye level."

So let's talk about your brand. How can you take your brand to high level? Imagine for a moment the experience of your client from the beginning to the end. What happens the moment they make contact? Think of every step, and use the example below to push yourself to think of a more inviting, enticing and luxurious way of doing it.

Here are some before and after scenarios to start you off:

  1. Live phone receptionist to answer calls and route them to you or take a message when you've stepped away. Each client and potential client has a live customer service experience
  2. Telephone strategy sessions and with audio recordings for each client
  3. Clients receive both an electronic version and a beautiful copied copy of relevant service materials, delivered in beautifully branded packaging
  4. Extended Access where client work is archived for 3 years after completion, and emergencies are handled at "current client" status
  5. Predictable, reliable communication in-person (for clients) and through my newsletters (for connections)
  6. Client meetings, with paid parking or reimbursed fares, according to what's most convenient for the client
  7. A birthday greeting card (or other stone card) delivered to the client's home in advance of their special day

Be sure to complete this exercise yourself. Do not procrastinate on this one, you'll be surprised how a brand upgrade will boost your business when executed on just one client.

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