Sprint HTC Evo 4G – One of the Most Hyped About Phones is Finally Here

I have been testing and reviewing gadgets since a long time and in my career, I have gotten more cell phones that any other electronic products to date. This shows how popular these tiny gizmos are. My friends change cell phones once every six months because they get bored easily and want new ones. I have got a lot of cell phones in my labs for testing and it is really interesting, you get to learn a lot of new features each time you get a new product.

Recently I reviewed the Sprint HTC Evo 4G , which instantly shot to fame in the US as it was the first 4G cell phone in America. There were a couple of things that I really liked about this gadget. The 4G speeds that it has to offer are good. I expected faster speeds but still they are better than what you get on the standard 3G networks. It also has mobile hot-spot feature which lets you connect up to eight devices to the Sprint HTC Evo 4G at a time. There is also a camera on the front for taking pictures and video calling. You might have made 3G video calls but the quality is much better on a 4G network. The phone also ships with Android 2.1 OS. Android has released a newer 2.2 version recently but the 2.1 too is quite good. The Sprint HTC Evo 4G also has an HDMI port which lets you connect the cell phone to a large TV for watching the videos that you have shot through the camera. The phone is powered by a one GHz SnapDragon processor which makes sure things remain fast even if you open a lot of applications on the phone.

But this does not mean that the phone is without any flaws. HTC sent me this for phone for review in my labs long time ago and I found that the battery consumption is much faster on 4G. Also, 4G is not readily available and it makes no sense to buy the Sprint HTC Evo 4G if your area is not covered. You also have to pay $ 10 premium data add-on and this will difficult for people who are outside the coverage area. This handset does not have Bluetooth voice-activated dialing.

If you are in school and are looking for some funky handset, check out the Motorola Moto VE440 also known as Motorola Moto cell phone . It has a really cool design; A rockstar theme. I tested the Motorola Moto cell phone for call quality and found that it was quite inconsistent. You can hear people on the other side very clearly though. The volume during the calls was loud enough but incidentally, I had problems talking. On their side, my friends told that they could hear me clearly. Speakerphone call quality is not that good but that is not unexpected in a low end phone. The price of this phone is $ 89 and you get two color options. The phone design is really bizarre and if you are someone who likes to stay in the lime light, you will love it.

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