Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Eulogy

Step 1. Make your introduction. You can start knowing how to write a eulogy by putting first things first. Start by greeting everyone in the room with a warm greeting and thank them for coming.

Step 2. Start the body of your speech with a line from a poem, a verse from the Bible, a line from a movie or a song, or any kind of quotation which you can deliver to set the mood of your speech. Base this on the way you see your relationship with the person who just passed away. He or she could be someone very important such as a direct family member or someone whom you’ve known from a very close point of view such as your best friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Step 3. You should learn how to write a eulogy in such a way that you’ll include all the important things you want to say, and you’ll be able to convey how much you value the person. It may be hard to recall all the happy things at this point but the good things should be the focus of the speech. Let the people who hear your speech know that your beloved dead has done a lot of good things that he or she should be remembered by.

Step 4. Relate at least one experience with that person. To be able to know how to write a eulogy that can impact other people is to include a positive experience which you will never forget. You can share this experience so that people who hardly know the person who passed away will still get an idea that he or she did not die in vain and had lived a good life here on earth before he moved on. Make your speech in such a way that people will feel glad they got to know such a wonderful person.

Step 5. To learn how to write a eulogy’s end part, work on closing your speech by leaving a beautiful message for your beloved dead. Say words of thanks and good riddance. Express your heartfelt thank as well to all the people who came to take part in the funeral, and don’t forget to say a closing statement that could also be a line from a poem, a song, or something that should sum up everything you wanted to say.

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