Stopping Premature Ejaculation – 3 Excellent Practice Techniques For Lasting Longer In Bed

Stopping premature ejaculation doesn’t have to be hard but you do need to practice. If you practice using these techniques, then your body will adapt to holding out during longer during sex and you will be successful at stopping premature ejaculation once and for all.

Here are 3 practice techniques for lasting longer during sex:

I’ve found the following 3 techniques the most effective for practicing to have longer sex. The first 2 you are able to do on your own, but the third requires a girlfriend or sexual partner.

Note: While the third technique can be very effective for practice, you definitely do not want to wait around until you get a girlfriend. There’s no guarantee she will be into helping you and it may be more frustrating than it’s worth. Take matters into your own hand and practice on your own with the first two techniques. If you already have an understanding girlfriend then you can employ the third method, while including the techniques of the first two.

1. Masturbation. Now many people will say that it is masturbation that actually contributes to quick ejaculation. Guys get so used to quickly ejaculating during masturbation, that it becomes normal during sex and stopping premature ejaculation becomes very difficult because of this unintended training. But I’ve found that you can actually use masturbation as a healthy training tool to stop premature ejaculation. So let’s flip the switch and actually use masturbation to cure quick ejaculation.

  • First you want to masturbate to the point of feeling the ejaculation begin to arise.
  • Then stop completely. Take a deep breath and rest for a moment.
  • Now, once you are settled down a bit, and the fear of ejaculating quickly has passed, you can then resume masturbating up to that same point of near ejaculation
  • Once again, when you arrive to that point, stop everything. Breath and relax, allowing the over excitement to simmer down to the point where you will be able to resume masturbating some more.
  • Continue this stop and start method for several minutes.

Now what this practice technique does is it tells the body that ejaculating too quickly is not acceptable. It physically gets the body used to holding out longer during sex, while mentally training the mind to become accustomed to a longer lasting practice of intimacy.

You are basically building up your resistance to quick ejaculation. Try to add a few minutes to your future sessions to gradually build up your body longer lasting sex.

2. Squeeze the PC Muscle. This is the muscle between the testicles and the anus. Try urinating, and then stopping, and you will feel this muscle being activated. Now during urination it is easy to control this muscle. But during ejaculation it can seem almost impossible. That’s because it is weak and needs to be strengthened. If you squeeze the muscle on your own for a number of reps you will be strengthening this muscle. At first this will be difficult and you may have trouble flexing or squeezing it for 10 reps. But after a few weeks you can significantly strengthen it to the point of perhaps doing 20 reps in one sitting. So you can see the more you practice flexing this muscle, the stronger it becomes. During sex you will then be able to flex this muscle and control your ejaculation, thus stopping premature ejaculation from occurring.

  • First you want to identify the muscle by urinating then stopping. The muscle you feel at work is the PC muscle.
  • Next you want to practice flexing it. Shoot for 10 flexes at first, or however many you can get. Rest a moment and again try for as many as you can do. Do 3 sets daily until you can do 10 good flexes a set.
  • Once you can do 10-15 flexes for 3 sets, you want to practice both flexing it and holding it in for 5 seconds. So it’s flex, then hold for 5 seconds, then release, then repeat. Try to build up to being able to flex and hold for 10 reps.
  • After you can do 10 repetitions with 5 second holds, then try holding it in for 10 seconds.

This “static squeeze” will come in handy during actual sex when you want to prevent quick ejaculation from coming on. You will simply squeeze, as you practiced in the first portion of this exercise, and then you will hold it in, which is what you practiced in the second part, and this will prevent quick ejaculation from occurring. The longer you can flex for, the better chance that your premature ejaculation will be prevented.

3. Sex With Partner. One of the best ways to practice is with a partner. If you have a willing girlfriend then you can practice having sex and holding out as long as possible. This is similar to the stop and start masturbation technique. Only this will be more effective since you have a real partner and the sensations will be greater. As soon as you feel ejaculation coming on, dismount from your girlfriend, breath and then resume when you are ready. The more practice you have the faster you will experience great results.

  • Practice this with your girlfriend on top. Guys have more control when the girl is on top. They can practice squeezing in the PC muscle from this position the best.
  • Have sex and when you feel ejaculation coming on, instruct your girlfriend to slow down or stop, while you squeeze in your PC muscle for ejaculation prevention.
  • Then resume and again have her stop while you squeeze. Eventually you will get to the point where she won’t need to stop and you will be able to just squeeze in at any point during sex.
  • Once you feel comfortable with holding out in this position, switch to the missionary. This will be challenging, but after a while you will get used to it and gain more control from this position.
  • You can practice both the PC squeeze during sex, and you can also practice just pulling out, relaxing and resuming as you did in the first masturbation exercise.

Frequent sex can help tremendously with improving your lasting ability. As they say, practice does make perfect, so if you have an understanding girlfriend, this can be an excellent choice for preventing ejaculation from coming on too early.

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