Sure Fire Tricks to Get a Guy’s Phone Number! You Won’t Struggle to Get it After You Follow This

If you like a guy at a party or get-together then you will need to extract his phone number before the night is over so that you can move matters of the heart forward.

Use these shrewd tips to get a guys number.

Get his attention

The first action that you should take is to get his attention towards you. You can observe the guy and see if he is indeed looking towards you.

If he is looking at you then you should simply wait until your eyes meet so that you can slip in a shy smile. The guy will now get convinced that you are interested in him and will try to get introduced to you.

Find a mutual friend

Another method is to find a mutual friend that can introduce you to him. This will break the ice instantly and allow both of you to start a conversation.

You can now wait for the conversation to end before asking for your guy’s number directly even though chances are that the guy will ask for your number first.

End the conversation mid-way

One tricky way to get a guy’s number is to end a conversation abruptly saying that you need to leave immediately.

At the same time you can also ask for the guy’s number saying that you would like to finish the conversation on phone. He will instantly part with his number, especially if he likes you.

Pretend to help him out

Another neat way to extract his number is to pretend to help in out in a particular matter like finding a specific product, information, etc.

You can tell him to give you his number so that you can call him up and give him the required details. He will be happy and obliged that you are helping him out.

Become his Facebook friend

You can also become his Facebook friend and chat with him online. Once his is comfortable in your online company then he might himself give you his number so as to verbally converse with you.

Casually suggest meeting up for a coffee

You can also casually suggest meeting up for a coffee and if he is interested then he will surely say yes.

You will now only need to ask him for his number so that both of you can set up a coffee date.

Floor him with your attitude

If you are truly feeling brave then you can simply send a drink across to him with your number written on a paper napkin.

You should also draw a question mark after writing “name” and “telephone number” below your own name and number. The guy will surely be impressed by your plucky attitude and write his name and number next to the question marks.

These tips will ensure that your dream guy quickly parts with his number and also his heart without offering any resistance.

Use them and talk your way into the guy’s heart within a very short time.

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