Text Dating – Easy Way to Get a Girl's Number

This text dating article is about an easy and consistent way to get a girl's phone number. Have you ever been talking to a girl and everything is going perfect, but when it comes time to grab her number you chicken out? This happens because you do not want to mess up the good emotions you're getting from the interaction by going for her number. It's just silly!

This text dating article is going to solve that problem for you. I am going to show you a proven, super easy way to get a girl's number every time. After this you have NO excuses not to go for it.

(Tip: I'm assuming that you have already talked to the girl for at least 2 minutes before you go for her number.)

1. "Hey, I have to go . Do you have a phone?"

You say, "I gotta run, give me your phone." If she asks why, just answer with "I'm going to punch my number in. Gimme your phone." If you've had a normal conversation with her already and she sees that you're a normal guy, she'll usually just give you her phone.

2. Punch in your number

Punch in your number and save it as something funny. I save it as "Mohawk Mike" because that's my name. You can do: "Bob Sex Machine". Be creative. The reason behind this is two fold. Firstly, she may have more than one Mike in her phone. Now she knows who I am when I text her. Secondly, when you punch in a funny name and text her later, she'll see the funny name and laugh. Call back humour is great.

3. Call Yourself.

Call yourself. Now, you have her number. If she asks why you called yourself you can say, "I do not pick up numbers that I do not know" (Credit Tyler, RSD).

4. Give her the phone back.

Now both of you have each others numbers. This technique is so easy to do and it works virtually every time. I've personally done this on over 100 girls and it's worked 98% of the time. The times it would not work is if the girl did not have her phone on her. In those cases, you can just ask her for the number.

I hope this text dating article gave you some new insights. Try this the next time you meet a girl and want to get her phone number. The results will speak for themselves.

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