The 2 Most Effective Techniques For Attracting Back Your Ex

Attracting back your ex is not easy especially if you were the one left behind. However, it is possible if you know the right steps to take. Here are some tips you can put into practice right away that will get your ex’s mind back where it belongs — on you!

Keep it positive

If you are still in contact with your ex or you have recently reestablished contact it’s important for you to keep things light at first. Too often, people jump back into a relationship oriented mindset which scares off their ex before they’ve had a chance to rebuild the foundation. Make sure to focus on creating positive moments with them. If you do this then you’ll notice them wanting to spend more and more time with you. Remember, the key to attracting them back is creating an environment that’s pleasant for them to be around.

Get back to basics

Before things got serious, you and your ex likely had a solid friendship in place. However, over time that friendship got buried underneath all the emotional baggage that comes with a serious relationship. It’s critical for you to reset how you approach your ex and get back to what attracted them to you in the first place. Get back in touch with the elements that your ex found so wonderful and go back to being fun and flirty while around them. If you combine this with keeping things light and positive then your ex will be back in your arms before you know it!

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