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So, ever phone up one of these gay chatlines? Went on one yesterday evening, and it was an interesting experience. There was a real mix of guys on the line and a lot of them seemed…well shall we say very keen. I phoned a service on a 0871 number. It was only 10p per minute so wasn’t exactly breaking the bank, although I did end up staying on the line for about 20 minutes. Oh well, cheaper than going down the pub I suppose.

The real interesting thing I found was how many straight and married guys were actually on there. I spoke to one guy – Darren from Croydon. He was 35 and his intro said that he was currently driving on the M25 and had a free afternoon. He wanted to meet up and see what happens. Anyway, he said that he was actually ‘straight’ and had a girlfriend of about 5 years but was picking up guys. He started his bi curious jaunt about a year ago and couldn’t get enough of it. He said that these chatlines made it easy for him to get chatting to guys and give him an opportunity to suss the guys out before committing to meet up with them. Risky business I told him and he agreed but said he was always safe and cautious if he did decide to meet up with anyone. I wondered what his girlfriend made of this; perhaps she was doing the same.

When I called it was around eleven at night and there were over 200 hundred guys on the line! A lot I know and I wasn’t going to try and talk to all of them as I would have been on the phone for half the night. So flicking through the voice introductions on the service I reckon I heard about 30-40 guys who were straight, bi curious, married etc… quite a lot eh. I chatted with a few cute sounding guys and some not so cute sounding and some down right strange. Got some funny messages back from guys throughout the time I was on the line.

I finished off with setting up a personal mailbox for myself where I can pick up messages from guys when I am not online. Just have to dial back in and enter my pin and I can pick up messages just like accessing your voicemail on your mobile. Look like I’ll be calling back again as you never know who has left you a message right…or Mr. Right!

So the moral of the story is, if you do happen to meet someone on a chat service then remember to always be safe and sensible. Always tell someone where you are going and be sure to meet the person somewhere public.

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