The No Contact Rule – Will Ignoring Your Ex Girlfriend Really Help You Get Her Back?

If you’re looking into ways to get your ex girlfriend back, chances are you’ve heard of the No Contact Rule. It is a very popular technique recommended by most breakup experts. Will ignoring your ex girlfriend and using the No Contact Rule really help you get her back?

Let’s first explore what the No Contact Rule is and how you use it. The No Contact Rule basically means you go for a specific amount of time with absolutely no contact with your ex girlfriend. This means no phone calls, voice mails, text messages, Facebook messages, emails… no contact whatsoever. You decide how long you will go without contacting your ex girlfriend. Usually at least 3 days, if not a week or two. Of course you don’t want to tell her that you are using this technique. You just stop talking to her and see what happens.

When should you use the No Contact Rule to get your ex girlfriend back? This rule is best used when you have been in constant contact with your ex since the breakup. So if the two of you are still talking about the breakup every day, or even if the two of you are “just friends,” the rule is the most effective if you are still talking on a regular basis and then you decide to go cold turkey and completely ignore your ex.

Does the No Contact Rule really work to get your ex girlfriend back? Usually this technique is really effective, and faster than you anticipated. What happens is that your ex girlfriend suddenly realizes that the two of you haven’t spoken. Then she starts thinking about you. Then she wonders what you are doing and why you aren’t talking to her. Then she starts thinking that you might be moving on after all, and she begins to think about all of the good times you had together. Soon, she won’t be able to stand it that you aren’t talking to her and then she will call you.

What should you do once you use the technique and your ex girlfriend calls you? Don’t act too eager to talk to her right away. If you can go for at least a day without calling her back (longer if you can stand it) then even better. It will drive her crazy that she doesn’t know what you’re doing! Just using this technique alone might be enough for her to ask you to take you back.

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