The Things I Learned From My Anxiety & Panic

Water Can Make Me Feel Better

It’s funny, I found this out completely by accident. When a panic attack or that pretzel anxiety would hit I would strike back with a tall glass of cool water. The dizziness and tension in my neck would usually go away within minutes.

Exercise Isn’t For Jocks

I was never athletic. I was one of the girls who did the minimal workouts in high school. When my Doctor suggested that it might help my anxiety I had to test it out. She was right! Today if I am having a stressful day I head over to the gym or go outside for a little burst/interval training. About five minutes into my workout I am sweating and the stress is melting away. So much better than hitting the sugar for comfort.

Breathing Can Stop a Panic Attack

Did you know that deep belly breathing will start the relaxation response in your body? Great thing is no one even has to know what’s going on. Feel that tension or a panic attack looming? 10 deep belly breaths nice and controlled can send the Panic Monster Packing.

Not Everyone Is Out For Our Best Interest

I couldn’t even count the people who didn’t understand my anxiety or thought I was crazy for working on getting it out of my life. Now who’s laughing? You have to do what you think is the best for you. It does not matter if it’s firing a doctor, distancing yourself from a negative friend, or monitoring your books and media – your mental health is the most important thing. Don’t forget the news is not a public service. They make lots of money by instilling fear into the public every day. The scarier the better for them.

Anxiety Can Go Away

This is something I wondered for a long time. Was it just the way the rest of my life was supposed to be? I knew in my heart I couldn’t live that way. I refused to! I rattled my shell, made my healing the most important thing and found freedom. I am just a regular woman with lots on her plate, if I can do it I know without a doubt you can too!

Faith Can Really Give You Focus

In a world where people focus on the negative all the time we need some hope, inspiration and guidance. I found that it was really helpful in my journey to think I had someone on my side helping me carry the heavy load that wanted the best for me. Whatever your faith is now is a great time to plug in and get involved. Helping others too is a great way to heal yourself!

Supplements Really Are Worth It!

I always thought that supplements were expensive and a waste of my money. When my Nurse friend Patrice recommended that I try balancing my body and offering it more support I thought “I can’t spend that kind of money.” I reluctantly gave in. I could show you my Daily Healing Journal from those days – the changes really picked up when my body had what it needed and I could focus on reprogramming my mind. It really shocked me how sometimes a vitamin deficiency can have anxiety, depression and panic symptoms. Why don’t doctors look into that before handing out medicine that can cover up those symptoms? I wanted to become my own Health Detective and make Health my Hobby. Why was I feeling like this? When we head to the doctor’s office and receive a prescription we head directly to the pharmacy and hand over our money every time. We always make allowances in our budget for that money, why do we make excuses for gym memberships and supplements? Those are two things that really changes the way I felt and handled stress.

I Needed To Be Treated Like a Child

When we are small little children we are put on routines, only focusing on the present moment. We don’t analyze the past or worry about what’s happening tomorrow. We are only concerned with our current needs. Before bed we are given a routine – a bath, brush our teeth and a happy bedtime story. That way we know what comes next and our minds and bodies are able to relax. Mom handed us our favorite bear or blanket to comfort us and off to sleep we went. When did all of that change.? I learned I needed to focus on the moment, put routines in my life, stop multi-tasking and Nest every night before bed.

I Deserve All The Best In The World

Who said the one who is overlooked and not cared for is happiest? I don’t believe it – that person was me! I was overworked, overtired and a mess! I learned that if I was going to have a marvelous life I had to make it that way. I needed to pamper myself, love myself and take care of myself as if I was another person. I deserved it!

We are creative, emotional, loving people. Sometimes that’s great and sometimes that’s our biggest flaw. This can be the biggest experience of your life. Think of it as a birth – labor is always the hardest part, but the light is coming. We are all here to guide the way and offer you inspiration and motivation everyday! We love you lots and know “Egg”actly where you have been.

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