Trace Address From Phone Numbers – Stop Prank Calls From Kids

It is sometimes a very rough time for kids when they are in junior high school. There are a lot of cliquey groups and kids can be really cruel to each other.

What do you do when your 13 year old daughter is frustrated to tears because of some nasty prank calls from class mates? Those weird loser boys! Or those nasty girls from that gang.

She was so happy to finally be allowed to have that pretty pink cell phone and now this is what is going on.

Now we know that at that age teenagers do not often want advice from their parents. It is very embarrassing for them to have the grown ups showing up to rescue them. That action could leads to more teasing and ridicule from their peers.

What if you can simply trace the address from the phone number by using an online reverse phone directory. You would have the address and maybe other information like another telephone number available for your use immediately.

So your daughter will know who the caller (s) were, if that was not already apparent. She then may be able to take care of this problem from there. Sometimes it is just a matter of catching someone in the act.

That being said, you can make a call to the prank caller's home and have a nice chat with his / her parents, this may solve the problem quicker.

Steps to take to stop Prank Calls

1) Get detailed report from a reverse phone call directory.
2) Call the prank caller's home and speak to the adults.
3) Alert the school guidance counselor / teachers of the situation if appropriate.
4) Consider changing the cell number, if appropriate.
5) Find out from the reverse directory, what databases contained your household information. When possible, take measures to have that information removed.

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