Tracing Your Family History

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from? Have you always wanted to trace your ancestors? Tracing family ancestry is a very popular hobby in these days.

You can start with your generation. And from there you can begin to work back generation by generation, from the known to the unknown, to your immigrant ancestors.

It is better to involve your closest people (such as your family members, relatives and friends), which is always your best source. Elderly people, in particular, may be a treasure trove of information. You should have a chat with these people and find what information is available. If you can not visit them in person, you can call them. They can provide details and information never revealed before. These people think that no one would be interested, so they keep these details.

You would better ask for more information than just names, photos and places. This information is important but you should try to flesh out your family history. When you collect the information, you should record your data by taking notes, obtaining photocopies, tape recording and any other ways you like. It is important to write down the source, location and data of each peace of information.

Nowadays, you can collect information on Internet. You should make full use of Internet to go deeper with your research. There are many genealogical Web sites. You should select the right ones to use depending on where your relatives were born, lived, and died. If the information such as birth, death, or marriage certificates is unavailable on Internet, you can visit church parishes or government archives to find it.

People often say that if you do not know your family's history, then you do not know anything. You are a leaf that does not know it is part of a tree.

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