Up Your Game in WoW Using These 7 Tips

With so much trashy information available on the internet these days, it can be a hit and miss affair as to whether you find what you're looking for. In this article I'm going to share with you 7 fundamental tips that you can use to up you WoW performance immediately.

1. Read your quest journal well.

Before you ask questions via chat boxes or look for information on the internet, use your quest journal to get directions for each quest. These have all the info that you need in order to complete each quest. If you want to ask someone, ask the city guard, but do not waste time by chatting or searching online as you'll often receive inaccurate information.

2. Know your environment well from the start.

Minimize the time you spend darting about blindly by spending 5 minutes to study an area map. This should be done whenever you get to a new area – by doing this you'll save hours of wasted time.

3. Experiment with a range of different characters.

Work out via experimentation which character will be most effective for you. It's obviously best to do tis experimentation early on in the game.

4. Choose a profession wisely.

Do not rush in to choosing a profession. Choose the profession that is most likely going to help you towards your goal in the game. Are you looking to make money or become a killing machine? Think about these types of things before settling on a profession and remember that each profession has a trade which matches it.

5. Go Questing from the start.

Questing is the best way to gain experience points and level up your character. Questing also pays better than grinding and gives you the chance to gain some valuable rewards for completing them.

6. Quest lines are not restricted to race.

Quest lines are not limited to 1 race. Humans can do quests designed for other races and visa versa. You can work this to your advantage at times and use it to level up faster.

7. Choose your race carefully.

When choosing between Horde and Alliance, remember that while Alliance has more content, it also has many more people playing. Consider choosing the Horde faction and you'll have more resources available.

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