W32-Rbot-GR Webcam Virus – An Internet Predator Safety Risk to Avoid

There has always existed dangers of internet use of webcams. Now with the evolution of a webcam virus referred to as W32/Rbot-GR the dangers have escalated beyond imagination.

PC Forum Cameras are very popular with our children for communicating with their friends online.

Unfortunately, they are also very popular with internet sexual predators looking to victimize our children. They are one of the highest internet predator safety risks that can be easily avoided.

There are 5 Million sexual predators online at any given time. In addition, there is a 50/50 chance if your boy or girl is communicating with a stranger in a forum that kids frequent, the stranger is a predator.

Now if your son or daughter has their computer in their bedroom (which is a danger in itself) and has a webcam attached, there is a webcam virus, W32/Rbot-GR, that one can use to turn on a webcam remotely and view anything going on in the bedroom within view of the camera.

Do you want a sexual predator viewing your young girl or boy in their bedroom? Getting undressed for bed or the shower? Scary isn’t it?

Even if you do not get a virus attack or are fortunate enough to have a security program good enough to keep your child’s PC safe, dangers still exist.

Online predators of children are very skilled at gaining your child’s trust and persuading them to do things you would be shocked at knowing.

If you search the internet you can find countless accounts of such events.

Let’s take it in yet another direction.

You obviously would not want your son or daughter to tell a stranger on the internet things like their name and address, phone number, etc…

Yet in just a few short moments in a chat with a predator using a web cam an enormous amount of information can be harvested.

Online safety rules say never to post your actual picture in your profile for people to see on the internet.

On a PC camera the person can record the session and capture as many pictures of your sibling as he or she wants.

Is your kid wearing a school t-shirt? Is your son’s school jacket visible in the background? School banners, family pictures which might include photos taken with your home in the background, etc…

There are so many ways to gather information using a web cam that can be used to help locate your family.

One of the first things that usually happens in a forum is exchanging information like age, sex, and location. If a predator finds a child near them do you think they might pay a visit? Stalk your son or daughter?

There are countless law enforcement sites that will confirm what I am about to say.

*Do not permit your child to install a webcam to their PC.

*Do not allow your son or daughter to have a PC in their bedroom, keep it in a public area of your home.

It will not prevent all of the dangers present on the internet from entering your home but it will sure help!

W32/Rbot-GR Webcam Virus is a serious issue but even without it there are dangers of internet predator safety with their use!

Another growing danger on the internet is Cyber-Bullying.

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