Ways to Please Your Girlfriend in Bed – 2 Things to Do to Your Girlfriend That Will Make Her Orgasm

There are many ways to please your girlfriend in bed but two things stand out from the crowd as ultimate ways to make her orgasm.

The first is cunnilingus, this above all other things you can do to your girlfriend will give her the most pleasurable climaxes imaginable, that’s if you do it right of course. Cunnilingus is an ancient lovemaking art that has been perfected over the centuries into a sexual act that gives women incredible climaxes.

To make your girlfriend orgasm with oral sex you need her to be relaxed and aroused. Then you need to apply long firm but very slow licks to her vagina, speeding up in unison with the growing volume of her moaning. When she is ultra loud go for the killer lick which is stimulating her clitoris and she will be orgasmic in seconds.

While cunnilingus is undoubtedly the very best way to please your girlfriend in bed another great lovemaking tip is to be unselfish. Give her a sensual massage and lots of foreplay then when you enter her make sure you last long enough for her to orgasm. This is easy if you use deep short thrusts because not only does this pleasure your girlfriend more but it also stops you over stimulating the very sensitive tip of your penis.

There are tons more ways to pleasure a girl in bed but the two above give the best results and consistently produce huge climaxes. Of all the sexual positions and lovemaking tips and tricks the best ways to please your girlfriend in bed is definitely cunnilingus.

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