What Causes Insecurities In Relationships?

Many relationships become soiled, dilapidated, and overrun by insecurities, inuendoes, neglect, and not enough trust. Some people actually love with their whole heart, and their entire being, honestly. Those are the ones who will love, trust, and may even forgive you for little indiscretions. They love the whole idea of ​​love, and being in love. Therefore, they try their best to make things work, instead of just walking away when things get a little rough. Then, there are the ones who say they love you, and may actually love, to a point. However, they may have some trust issues that can interfere.

Sometimes, having trust issues can stem from past relationships, which can make it hard for one to trust again. Then again, it can also come purely from ones own guilt. I have seen so many couples who appear to be a match made in heaven on the surface, as the saying goes. But underneath it all, there was nothing but accusations, disbelief, verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse, all because of the insecurity of one person.

There are times when one feels the overwhelming fear of losing their partner, and "Dr. Jekyll" decides to make an appearance, and rears his ugly head, so to speak. My description of Dr. Jekyll is a person who is so sweet and loving one minute, hour, or day, In an instant, they turn on you, and become a whole different person, as though the goods times right before never took place.That's when the relationship takes a hard hit, and starts to head downhill. A lot of innocent people are constantly being accused of doing things they're not doing.That could be because the partner is so insecure, or doing things they should not be doing. What really befuddles me is when someone does not hang out much besides going to the store, work, families homes, and back home yet, still gets accused of cheating.

In addition, there are some men and women, who stay home with the children all day, every day. So what's to be insecure about? Where is the time in between to give your partner something to be insecure about? There are some people who cheat on there partners like it's no big deal, and make you feel to blame for the insecurities within the relationship. That person may also have absolutely no problem lying to your face, or making you feel like you're the reason for them cheating. Yet, they will follow you to the end of the earth lurking in the shadows, just to make sure you're not cheating. Is not that the pot calling the kettle black?

If people actually took the time to pay close attention to what's going on in their relationships, or lack there of; there would probably be less need to be insecure. Guilt sometimes play a major part in the overall success, or lack there of in a relationship. I feel people should learn to love, honor, and respect each other in order to achieve and maintain a happy, and healthy relationship without insecurities.

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