What Does He Need?

There is something that all women have to have. We know that women are very emotional people. Well guess what? Men are too, they just hide it and their softy side rarely come out.

If there is something that we have noticed now and days, it is the fact that men seem to be treated worse and worse. Not saying that there are women out there that are not being abused or anything. We are just saying that men are not treated with something that is so very important. Something that they need. This is something that is essential to him.

You know how women need to be loved and for her man to have compassion toward her? Do you know how important that is for a man to love his girl? It is very important for a woman to feel loved and cherished. Think of that for a second, now let's flip it back to how a man feels.

He is actually is quite different than we are. A man needs something that is so simple. He needs for his lady to respect him. Yes, sounds simple does it? Remember those times that you asked his solution or idea? That is disrespectful. How about that time that you disagreed on how he disciplined the children? That was disrespectful.

A man needs to feel like he is in charge and he needs to know that he is the primary decision maker. Not to mention, he needs to feel like you trust his position as "authority". A man needs you to respect him in all aspects of his life. He may want your opinion and he will definitely ask you for it.

There are ways that you can deal with certain things and in a respectful and mature way. If you disagree with him, never let him know when there are people around. This is like the most disrespectful thing that you can do.

He needs you to be respectful especially when there are other men around. Never disrespect a man around his friends. This would be the equal to him not giving you a hug when there are tears steadily running down your face.

Remember these things the next time that you question him. Yes, something that simple can do a lot of damage. It takes a man a lot for him to open up. Disrespect will keep that love window in his heart from opening for longer then you want him to. Remember RESPECT is as important as LOVE.

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