What Guys Want in Their Relationship?

Like women, men also have expectations from their partner. There are cases when women forget that men also desire something from their relationships. As you may not noticed being together with your partner and developing a solid, lasting bond is a two-way concept. Both parts have to feel the benefits. To keep you in the loop, here are some of the things that guys want in their relationship.

Your love
It may sound cliché but what guys want in their relationship is the love of their partner. With the exception of arranged partnerships, we generally enter a relationship out of love. Ensure that you shower your man with it. Remember that it's not enough to say I love you or whisper sweet nothings. What guys want is love that you express with your every action.

Lovers can also be the best of friends because they are very close. They can even finish each other's sentences. There is a lot to enjoy in a relationship and companionship is one of them. Sometimes, all that matters are the simplest things like hanging around for a few hours despite your very tight schedules. Chatting to your man on the stairs, or while lounging around in the kitchen can be some of the nicest parts of a relationship. Sharing the odd joke, or watching a funny film together can also serve to bring the two of you even closer. Therefore, never underestimate the power of companionship.

Men are still boys at heart. They would not really want to get all serious 24/7. Men want quality time with their loved ones. It can be as cheap as having tickle fights at the house or as sporty as mountain climbing together. What's important is that you do things together that you both enjoy, and that you have lots of fun. Aside from fulfilling your partner's expectations, doing activities with your loved one also strengthens the bond between you.

The feeling of being needed or important
While you're off being grateful by success within your own field, take the time to make your man feel important. Men have a natural tendency to protect their loved ones. So although you want to be seen as successful in your own right spare a thought for the need of your man to be needed. Share the burden of life – feel free to take the lead on certain issues, but also ensure that you allow him to do the same.

Understanding what guys want is not a mystery. It is common sense. Just consider your own demands in the relationship, and treat him the way you would like him to treat you.

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